PVP Advice from Experienced Players...

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    PVP Advice from Experienced Players...

    Post by Demon Slayer on Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:13 pm

    Hi all,

    This post started as an anecdote from myself and then I though it would be a good idea for everyone who
    does pvp to post their tactics and advice so we all learn from each other, thanks in advance for all who
    add to this.

    I am not doing a lot of pvp and been focused on making 2 new build the past few days, used to spend my days at the forest where I honed my skills killing gangs.Now I get invaded with my low lvl and my 120sl either while building up the toon or hosting fights, also I like to earn souls to lvl toons by getting invaded at anor londo especially by DarkMoons because they can invade down and give lots of souls.

    I have noticed something in me has changed with time and after endless hours of different pvp playstyles.
    I am still hooked on it and get excited when invading or getting invaded, but I remember the old days when every single confrontation got my heart racing as if it was so real a threat, my mind was a mess and fear of loosing overpowered my focus,not anymore...

    The new kind of excitement is now a focused one, what will my opponent do? what skills will he have,
    I watch as confident as a beast born for hunting, I do not flinge I observe and my thoughts are only
    tactical and focused towards my enemies moves.Watching his feet, calculating when the strike will come
    so I can counter, watching his hands and being aware of when he has switched to magic so I can dodge
    and most of all patience, sometimes I walk slowly and sense him, he gets ****, scared or impatient
    until his own strikes towards me are his undoing....

    Patience and observation my friends, forget stats, forget upgrades and control your minds
    in that aspect, then you will feel like a real warrior.

    Dedicated to all pvpers and especially the new ones, take advantage of this, never let your mind
    lead to your own loss, embrace death as a step forward in learning, after all this game can be unforgving
    but is forgiving enough that you can always revive even if you loose some souls or humanities, you
    are still there, never see death as failure because even the best of players in this game will also die.

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    Re: PVP Advice from Experienced Players...

    Post by Walter_White on Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:38 pm

    i love to force my opponent to act first and fast....poison knifes and for the start to bring pressure to my opponent.
    Well experienced pvp player don't mind to get poisoned, but toxic brings pressure to them.
    So control your mind is helping there also, don't let yourself be driven into mistakes


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    Re: PVP Advice from Experienced Players...

    Post by Maneater_Mildred on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:07 pm

    Control the battlefield and the pace of the fight. try to disrupt your opponents timing and plans, ie. Our dung flinging friends^ I like to block the 1st dung pie like I don't know what I'm doing, then sprint in and running attack as they throw the second pie. I may get toxic but they just lost a third of their life and I always have the moss ready to use.

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    Re: PVP Advice from Experienced Players...

    Post by Dibsville on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:13 pm

    Take control early on. If you see that they are using a spamming weapon, try opening up with a parry. They'll most likely start fishing for backstabs as soon as you're in the lead. But don't worry. If you see they're going for a backstab, you can kick them, do an R1 combo until you feel you've done enough, then roll away. At this point people tend to start turtleing and only attack when they see fit. If they're doing this, chances are they'll go for a parry if they see you spamming. Simply bait them into a parry then turn around and backstab them. If they are STILL alive at this point, you don't even need a special strategy, it's over for them. They'll lose their focus and it's pretty much a cake walk.

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    Re: PVP Advice from Experienced Players...

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