needing dragon scales plz



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    needing dragon scales plz

    Post by Mrfragglez on Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:44 pm

    Just picked up mlgs fo r my build and only had enough scales to get it to +3 could really use a savior right now. Xbox sl 62 darkchaos669


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    Re: needing dragon scales plz

    Post by Noob-of-Artorias on Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:32 am

    You're able to find 10 Dragon Scales (just enough to get any Dragon Weapon to +5) within the game.

    You'll find 1 In the Blighttown Pit near the Second Bonfire

    You'll find 1 by killing the Hydra in the Darkroot Basin

    You'll find 1 by killing the Undead Dragon in the Valley of the Drakes

    You'll find 1 by killing the Undead Dragon in the Painted World

    You'll find 2 by killing the Black Hydra in the Ash Lake

    You'll find 3 along the beach in Ash Lake

    And Finally you can get 1 by trading an Egg Vermmifuge with Snugly the Crow.

    If you need more than that you can farm Dragon Scales from the Drakes in the Valley of the Drakes quite easily, simply equip the Gold Serpent Ring while doing so.

    Last but not least you can receive Dragon Scales by joining the Dragon Covenant and putting down your Eye Stone, by killing another player who summons you, you'll be rewarded with a Dragon Scale.

    Good Luck, I love your taste in weaponry btw, the MLGS is my favorite weapon in the game.

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