Red Phantom Tower Knight Charles :)



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    Red Phantom Tower Knight Charles :)

    Post by blubberbernd on Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:06 pm

    This is a tribute to Charles

    "Charles" is the red phantom tower knight that appears if you are gravelorded in the undead parish.


    He has a kill count of 203 hollows at the moment, and there will be more...

    His sword loves Blood and his armor is so beautiful.

    I love you charles... your legend will live forever!!!

    We are a happy little low-level community that likes to gravelord areas on ng+16 and decided (just for us happy ) to let the person who defeats the red phantoms 1st can name it.

    if you want to join us to have some fun, ill link you to the stream
    (xbox 360, SL 7-30)

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