Sunbro for Hire


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    Sunbro for Hire

    Post by Tchuwib on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:37 pm

    Placing my job application:

    I'm a Sunbro for hire. I have lot of time on my hand during my recovery, so that mean a lot of video game time. If you need someone to help you with some jolly co-operative, I can help you complete the whole game with a low level. My range are from lv 1 to 25. I'm open to any play style you want (ex: getting all the little item in the stage, first time play-trew{exploring} or quick dash to the finish line).

    Communication= Skype voice chat or PS3 chatroom
    Langage= Francais / English

    Please message me on the forum first and we can set up some jolly good fun

    P.S. I'm doing this for the fun, not for material gain or anything like that.


    PSN: Tchuwib
    Insane (lv 1 pyro)
    Main character (lv15 Tchuwib)
    Dexter (lv30 Dex build)
    Solaire (lv50 Faith/Stg build)
    Magicolo (lv80 Mage build)
    Dark Sunlight (lv100 Faith/mid build)
    Abyss Artorias (lv120 multi-cosplay)

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