Affinity System


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    Affinity System

    Post by Seignar on Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:33 pm

    I think Dark Souls II could benefit from a Affinity System. Now, for those that don't know what I;m talking about: An Affinity System is a mechanic where you can boost your relationship either positively or negatively with an NPC. Having a high enough (or low enough) affinity will grant you events with that character.

    So, how would this system work? It can vary from NPC to NPC, maybe some people like money; others, companionship; others, murder. By performing several deeds that NPC finds pleasing (or displeasing), you can boost your affinity with them or lower it; you'll either get benefits or consequences. To make an example:

    Bunch of examples you can skip
    You meet Marvelous Chester. Having found him, his affinity begins at +0. If you were in the Darkwraith covenant, he'll comment how he likes your attitude (+5 affinity). If you invade and kill someone in the Royal Woods, he'll make remark saying he felt a malignant presence and that he recognized you by that feel; he proceeds to say both of you have much in common (+10 affinity). Likewise, if you help someone in the Royal Woods, he'll say how you give him a "disgustingly benevolent aura" and you unease him (-5 affinity).

    Having a high enough affinity will improve your Social Link Affinity Ranking and it can have various results. For example, having it at +10 Affinity might make Chester reconsider his absurd prices and maybe add in an item or 2 to his stock. Having it at +20 might make him reconsider invading you. Having it at +30 might make him make an exception and help you out against Manus. On the other hand, having -10 might make him up the prices; -20, invade you twice; -30,be outright hostile.

    There could even be events where if you have high enough affinity, he'll talk about his homeland and how he got to be in your same situation.

    If we were to take another character: Lautrec, we can say that maybe conversing with him and correctly answering questions can boost your affinity with him:

    "That Firekeeper sits there, imprisoned night and day, keeping our precious Fire lit. However, I recall a couple of more bonfires around here; it's not like this is our only source of life. No one would miss her if she she were gone, don't you agree"
    "Hehehe...Another wise undead. You know the value of lives, you seem to know which ones are worth leaving...and which are worth taking"
    "You've grown closer to Lautrec"
    Thou art I... And I am thou...
    Thou shall have our blessing when thou choosest...

    Whoops, wrong game.

    In his case, having a high enough affinity might make him leave the Humanity behind, or maybe you could actually convince him to leave the Firekeeper alive!

    In the case of Laurentius, perhaps if you answer "Yes" to his question of where you got Chaos Pyromancy, you'll increase his affinity (+10) [or lower by -5 if you refused to tell him] and you might find him at Upper Blightown where he moves [saying "No" would just delay the inevitable]. From there you can save him from impending doom, then offer to trade Pyromancy Flames to help him (+10) (Otherwise, -5). Ultimately, what I'm suggesting is a quest chain, so this isn't really an example of affinity. But, to make it one, let us consider the climax.

    Laurentius finds the Chaos Covenant (Regardless of whether or not you answered "Yes" or "No"), based on your affinity, he will:

    -10: Boast of his success and do absolutely nothing except be an enemy if you betray the Covenant. In addition, if you're not part of the covenant, he will invade you somewhere in the Demon Ruins.
    -5: Offer you Pyromancies (but not upgrade)
    +0: Sell and upgrade Pyromancy
    +5: Give a discount on Pyromancy
    +10: Give a discount on Pyromancy and Upgrades
    +20: Give discounts, Offer you Humanity; upgrades to ascended Pyromancy Glove.

    Affinity could also be tied to Covenants (Mister Cleric won't like if you don't join the Cleric Club), Events with other NPC (Mister Jerk Cleric won't like you saved Miss Important Cleric) or maybe even your online activities (The Sunman was informed by the Sun-Angels!)

    This can lead players to balance Dungeon Crawling with average Undead life Affinity Rankings in between NPC as you travel the land (Seeing as interests can conflict). As it is, the game, with NPCs has a strict order to score the highest benefits (Save Rhea, then Kill Petrus (After you Dark Hand him), then buy all Rhea's stuff, then kill Rhea (After you Dark Hand her). With affinity, you can create another dimension by extending benefits to your actions.

    There could even be a covenant where the whole requirement to join it is to kill someone with maxed affinity. Lots of stuff to work around here...

    However, I doubt this will get added.


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    Re: Affinity System

    Post by jaythibodeau on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:37 am

    +1 For Persona reference. big grin

    This is definitely something that I'd love to see! Mostly because of the countless possibilities it could add to the game. Such as being able to summon different NPCs for a boss.

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    Re: Affinity System

    Post by Acarnatia on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:50 am

    I hope for this. Dragon's Dogma did this very well. The love interest part doesn't fit Souls, though.

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    Re: Affinity System

    Post by samster628 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:26 am

    Yes. Weave a web of connections so you can pull at the strings to manipulate the world to your will!!

    *disclaimer* No offence was meant to anyone or anything in this post twistedevil

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    Re: Affinity System

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