Your first time...



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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by psychichobo on Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:01 am

    'Man, I am so grateful I beat that Taurus Demon! I'ma go down these stairs, and talk to this friendly knight! Hurrah, co-op! Now let's go across this bridge an-'
    *dies horribly*

    'Ok, that was... upsetting. I'll go back to get my souls, then use them at the bonfire, then proceed to properly fight this dragon!'

    Several hours and many more tears later, I discover that under the bridge is a ledge leading past him. Sigh.
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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by Sentiel on Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:19 am

    My first time?

    Well alright.

    My first time was shortly after I met her. I was confused, scared and lost. She noticed me soon after I arrived and came closer to me with her friend. I was reluctant, shy and afraid, but they both aproached me steadily, full of confidence. They were different than others, as if they were not of this world. Untouchable by mortal hands...
    She came even closer, reached out for me, her soft hands gently embraced my body and slowly pulled me towards her. Her friend was smiling when she noticed I was blushing, like a little boy and had no idea what to do. She came closer to us, just as I was able to touch her mystical beauty. At that moment, I knew that I will soon enter heaven.
    And then...




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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by WandererReece on Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:36 pm

    ^ lol!

    The first time I fought the tutorial boss I thought I was supposed to die like in Demons' Souls. I let it kill me and reappeared at the fire. I enter the area agian and, "It's still there! Why is it still here! Maybe I have to kill it? Don't be rediculous. You can't kill it with a straight sword hilt!" Then I died again while I was talking to myself.

    When I reappeared again I knew I wasn't supposed to die. Then I looked for another path, but didn't find one. I reenter the boss area and fight it with the mighty straight sword hilt of doom. Then I died because the sword hilt is a crapy weapon.

    Then I entered the boss area again and tried to look around, and that's when I found the message.

    Also, I could write a whole book about everywhere I went and everything I did before I found the Undead Burg. I thought it was me being an idiot, but then I saw other people here post stuff about not finding the Burg. Why did From make it so hard to find? I guess they didn't realize they hid it.


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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by moomootv on Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:04 pm

    first time i was fighting o&s I had a +6 longsword a broken crystal halberd and a lighting spear +2 took me almost 3 days to beat mega O but right when i had 2 hits left to kill him he lightning spears me in the chest and jumps out the window no lie not even joking he did his back jump out the window but wait heres the kicker i then found out that you had to be human to summon i facepalmed and turned off the ps3

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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by Uparkaam on Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:33 pm

    The first time I encountered Ted and Fred in Anor Londo I got killed by a vagrant that was on the little pathway leading to them. I just thought it was a regular enemy at first.

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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by Noob-of-Artorias on Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:47 pm

    I didn't know that certain things even existed until I got to Gwyn and my friend came over and showed me.

    "Why don't you have the Ninja Ring?"

    "You do know you can lock on to enemies right?"

    and probably most embarrassing of all...

    I didn't figure out how magic worked...UNTIL MY SECOND *** CHARACTER!!!

    I bought some Pyromancy, and I had a flame, but I just didn't figure out that I had to EQUIP the damn thing and use it like a weapon in order to use Magic....

    I've never facepalmed harder in my entire gaming life.

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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by scalpfarmer on Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:40 pm

    I started up Dark Souls on the very release date. There was no other option to me, still with solid memories from all the fun and joy Demons Souls had brought me. I made a character. I ran out, followed all the messages like a hero, died on every moving object like a rat and of course used a couple of hour...tries to find the door to skip the Asylum Demon. I did not know until later that he would drop the Demon's Great Hammer if you killed him at the first encounter though, if I knew I would've stayed until I managed to kill him.
    But anyways, I continued around, feeling like a hero, coming to the stairs going down to the bonfire(which I didn't know at the moment) and up.
    I remember saying to my friend, based on experiense from Demons Souls:
    "Of course I'll go up! When encountered with a choice like this I will, without exeption go UP!" Only to be greeted by a huge cannonball ramming me down causing me to, inevitably, fall down to the staircase going down.
    Despite all the hardships this game has to offer for a natural noob like myself, I actually managed to find undead Burg on the very first attempt! I was so proud. I rewarded myself eventually with finding a dragon I knew, based on experience, that I definitely could shoot off the tail on. Which was true, so I ended up with the mighty DRAKE SWORD!!
    i was so satisfied with this, not engaging myself in the upgrade system of the game(mostly because I didn't find any embers).
    I played in offline mode because the place I lived wouldn't let me get online with my PS3. I did, however, manage to get to O&S with only a drake sword and no magic whatsoever.
    This is however where I eventually reached my limit and ragequit for a year.

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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by NPCWhiteMage on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:55 pm

    My first time was under the guiding hand of my best friend. We have known eachother a long time and I dare say that sadly he is a better gamer than I. (Don't tell him I said that silly)

    Anyway, he came over and showed me the fun and games that is Dark Souls. I didn't get a chance to play, but that was okay because I was far too interested watching him run around and parry and riposte hollows and backstab Balder Knights, and he capped off the event with a dramatic fight between the Gargoyles.

    Needless to say I was impressed; however, short on money, was not in the market to buy, but him being the best friend in existance, bought the game for me.

    Thrilled I loaded it up, breezed through the Asylum and made it to Firelink and up to Undead Burg. I struggled through the Burg and killed the Tarurus demon. I made my way across the Hellkire bridge and underneath where I met my most hated enemy...

    The Rats.

    Sure I killed the first 2 easy enough. But I wasn't prepared for the third and he poisoned me! This quickly became a race against time, and I butchered him for inflicting me with his plague and hurried up the ladder and all the way up the tower.

    In this time span I had made 2 drastic mistakes.

    1: I didn't check the corner and was poisoned by the Rat

    2: I went ALL THE WAY up the tower.

    That is where I met a Black Knight, who then proceeded to launch me in the air and off the tower to my doom.

    The bonfire spit me out and I was prepared. I knew there were three rats, and the going up the tower was a bad idea. So I took out a spear and shield and attempted to poke the rats to death, this was my first encounter with poise and stability. Needless to say I managed to kill the first rat with ease, and the second rat took a dive off the ledge I lured it onto. I charged in and put up my defenses and faced the corner the rat was in....but he wasn't there. Rather confused I lowered my shield...just in time for the Rat (who apparently decided to hide in the other corner as I must have pulled Aggro by mistake) to charge my back and poison me again!

    Furious I smote the beast upon the stone and hasted up the ladder but avoided the Black Knight. Instead I ran out into the enterance to Undead Parish and saw an armored Hollow.

    "Alas Vile creature! I don't have time for thee, for I am infected with a horrible ailment!" I shouted as I rushed past him, and was then greeted by the iron tusks of the metal boar.

    I stared agape at the screen as the boar turned its bacon on me and strutted its armored ham away.

    Round 3,

    I was once again poisoned by the Rats, though it was the first one this time, as I wasn't paying attention. In a rush, I managed to avoid the other two and make it up the ladder. I barreled passed the hollow, feinted away from the boar...and was greeted by a closing gate...followed by another torrid affair with the boar's tusks.

    Round 4,

    As I was determined to not give up, I asked my friend what I should do. He points out that there is a staircase to the right of the boar that leads me up and over the beast, then all I have to do is run and roll under the gate as its closing...

    Round 5,

    I decide my friend is wrong, and manage to make it passed the rats, and find the staircase behind the boar. I sigh with relief and fend off a rather annoying wave of hollows. I navigate through the rooms and up a ladder. I kill a few enemies and meet a Balder Knight on a bridge. He takes some sizing up, but I eventually best him. Weak and out of flasks I come across a tio of hollows. I defeat them with ease, but find myself with a decision.

    Go left and into the Parish? A type of building known for sanctuary and safehavens?

    or go right to the ruins that seems to spell disaster?

    Naturally I go with my instincts and head left, where I find a few pews, an altar...and the business end of a Tower Knights mace....


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    Re: Your first time...

    Post by morte on Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:04 pm

    First story:

    My first time in the undead burg, I was a total noob to the Souls series, and I had mini-bosses on the mind. I tried for AGES to beat the dark knight because I thought the corpse behind him had the key to proceeding or something. I had never been so wrong.

    Second story:

    Ceaceless Discharge. Ceaceless Freakin' Discharge. I didn't know about the easy kill, so I had to kill him manually by ducking out from behind a broken pillar. It took a while.


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    Re: Your first time...

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