character build optimizer (finally.. beta is finished)


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    character build optimizer (finally.. beta is finished)

    Post by somebody_else on Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:29 pm

    which means i only have to create packages and create public project. release will be this weekend. i only need to figure out how to create osx package bundle and everything is complete (this is most troublesome part as i hate osx more than laggers+lagstabbers in dark souls combined).

    but, a lot has happened since last post.

    like first i coded complete webservice which produces json results and lists that will be used for web version (already in the works by my friend). another feature is the fact that this service will also serve as main server for updating xml files for standalone application so there will be no need to upgrade application because some stat file would change or be added (support for this is not planned for beta. upgrade from beta to 1.0 will require copying new version).

    new features
    - name editor not at save anymore
    - added Save as and Copy to clipboard (top screenshot)
    - brand new character loader
    - direct copy/paste (top screenshot)
    - armor and weapon favorites tagging and viewing
    - character loader has ability to delete characters (character loader screenshot at bottom)
    - ability to copy all your characters to clipboard in one press of a button (character loader screen for example produces this output)

    High Level Faith Bastard SL(180)

    Anti Griefer SL(18)

    things required for 1.0
    - subdomain name... where web version will reside, so URL will be compatible with both counterparts. click url in browser and open web version, copy link and paste in standalone. both must work from same url. would be even nicer if subdomain of this subdomain would be registered too, so i can get address of web service and update server.
    - again pleading for anyones help on personal defense state. if anyone has time to search for or knows how to contact original authors of dark souls calculators. i won't include that unless i get permission (it is already done in my version) as i simply don't have time to level up few times to 712, so porting that from those calculators is only option for this to get done

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