Attunement Build


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    Attunement Build

    Post by Animaaal on Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:54 pm

    I would like pure a caster I could take to a sl100-120 fight club environment. An "accepted" build so to speak. This build sacrifices backstabs and riptoses completely, with only parries still being viable.

    Please keep in mind, I'm fine with the backstabs. All honor dueling (1vs1/2vs1/2vs2(sort of...)) ettiquette behaviors apply.

    Yojimbo Wizard

    Where to begin?... :suspect:

    My personal stat considerations currently are:
    -dexterity (30 dexterity i believe)*edited to 45 dex, see link below.
    -attunement(secondary consideration).

    1) Isn't 30 dexterity where the decrease in casting times begins? I also believe some castings were only reduced by 9% (fast castings). You'll see all my castings are fast castings...should I consider a 9% gain? Do combustions really need it?*edit: Decrease in casting speed for combustions have been deemed unecessary at this time.
    *I seen that thread here.I will try and link it...Link: Comprehensive survey of dexterity's impact on sorcery casting speed
    I was wrong about the 30 dex. Its 45 dex, but the 9% decrease to casting speed is accurate. However, the 9% only applies to sorceries. The decrease in pyro casting speed (stated by wiki) is apprx 20%.

    2) Is 1800hp enough with light armor on this particular playstyle? I think I can hit 2000hp without much sacrifice.

    3) Intelligence. What is enough power? I'm stuck on my rings and headgear when considering my available power from pyro, so what do I take intelligence to and why? Consider that I cannot backstab (only parry) and.... twisted spells are my weapons. twisted My Dark Bead is my "bow" so to speak.

    ) ATTUNEMENT: I say this is a secondary consideration, because its almost an entirely different type of consideration. Not only is the final stat important, again prolly 10 slots man lol, the order in which I attune is equally important.

    ) How much poise damage does Force do?

    My combos:

    Black Flame-->Force-->Great Combustion

    I love this combo. Its very effective and has led me to believe decreasing my casting time might be unecessary.

    HCSM-->Strong Magic Shield(-->) either Dark Beads and combustions

    You can't see SMS on a Darkhand, I think its hilarious. I understand all of the mechanics behind SMS, its non-negotiable at the current moment.

    Dark Bead-->Force

    I find when ranging w/Dark Bead as SMS runs out, that switching to Force, is a nice way to create space.


    These are of course my main offensive moves. How does parry-->spells work? Or rather, would it to be better to step to the side of an opponent when punishing after a parry?...

    ...not to mention all the other things about playing like this lol....please just keep this in mind:
    I merk with this build lol. The only problem really is taking my thumb off the left joystick, and backstabs of course...and punishing effectively. Im lovin it though! Its so much fun man, but I'm afraid I feel op. Not in a "kinda" sort of way either.

    I've definitely met players not effected by my tomfoolery and either beat me soundly, or given me a very strong match.

    I cant help but feel that at sl100-120, my damage output should be my primary focus. At that soul level, imo, I dont believe my playstyle, or my opponents playstyle would change very much at all. Controlling my damage outptu in comparison to my expected damage input would seem to be my dilema.

    Any other suggestions for armor, combos, and weapons will be considered, but only with compensating factors. I like what I'm sportin now.

    Thanks again.

    PS: i also seen a link in here about casters, I think it was FenPiku? I'll try and link that too.Link:Pure Caster - Pure caster PvP (video) - Page 2 (Page one would not let me copy bbc code. Page 1 has the video.)

    PSS: I cant wait to try this out in a couple of weeks when I buy another ps3. Thanks in advance I cant wait! lol.

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    Re: Attunement Build

    Post by WyrmHero on Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:46 pm

    This one should be really fun. This is the SL 120 version:

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    Re: Attunement Build

    Post by Animaaal on Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:07 pm

    WyrmHero wrote:This one should be really fun. This is the SL 120 version:

    Ya dude lol! i have been resisting the dagger/pursuers/WoG thing like crack lol. Its been really hard not to eff with my stats. I love the DWGR on certain builds, especially those builds with a dagger or falchion. However, it is not to be sad

    The 12 faith is for Force and that alone. I have 21 and when my SMS is gone it acts as my "supershield". Its meant for setup and defense alone. I was opposed to spammin it ai first, but when I started letting people waste all of their magic against my force, I felt fine with it.

    As a matter of fact, the build that poses the most problems for me is a dagger flippin build. Not just anyone, but the fightclub people so to speak. The constant pressure is overwhelming against someone who is good at it.

    However in the end, I cant help feel that I lost because of my ablility to either cycle my attunements, or opened myself up for punishment. Not because I cant backstab. That could be due to the soul level, as I pack quite a punch right now.

    Im just doubtful of my expectations and predictions at the soul level 100-120 range. I dont know how to "properly" level up per say.

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    Re: Attunement Build

    Post by Animaaal on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:35 pm


    1) Added these 2 links for reference like I said I would:

    Pure Caster - Pure caster PvP (video) - Page 2
    (Again the youtube video covers up the bbc code copy. Page 1 has the video)

    Comprehensive survey of dexterity's impact on sorcery casting speed

    2) Added color coats for an easier read.

    3) Made adjustments to question regarding casting speeds...and colored those in cyan/blue, and used strike throughs.

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    Re: Attunement Build

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