The Centipede Demon - One boss too many?



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    Re: The Centipede Demon - One boss too many?

    Post by MiketheMushroomMan on Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:47 am

    Funnily enough since i started this debate topic ive started warming to the Centipede Demon a bit. I take on board the comments about the tooth and claw aspect of it and the clusterXXXk element. I guess when you look at it from that perspective the mad camera angles and insane melee aspect of it probably make it in some senses more like a real fight than the more measured way you can tackle other bosses. Sure is one ugly SOB though :-)


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    Re: The Centipede Demon - One boss too many?

    Post by Nybbles on Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:41 am

    i think that the firesage demon is the unnecessary boss of the two. centipede is one of the few bosses that still makes me nervous before the fight. but it ain't so bad if you can make it to that island of land in the middle of the arena or over where you find the green titanite. once i learned to fight centepede without using lock-on, my life got allot easier.

    it's the rest of Izalith that is **** and don't get me started on how awful the bed of chaos is (i died several times, loosing everything, only to find out that the boss is actually a little helpless maggot, really!?)

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