Knowledge is Power, Guard it well.


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    Re: Knowledge is Power, Guard it well.

    Post by Animaaal on Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:16 pm

    Saturday-Saint wrote:
    ChizFreak wrote:That's exactly the reason I don't do it, I'm kind of selfish when it comes to that, but, given an scenario where I beat everyone, I prefer to wait for real people to actually realize how to beat me, instead of me telling them my weaknesses, that's when a "worthy" opponent will finally rise. The only thing you get by doing that is guys that know how to beat you, instead of smart guys that know how to discover their opponent's weaknesses and exploit it.
    This is not a valid justification for not sharing information. I could write a book on how somebody should play in order to beat me. If a bad player studied that book and fought me, he would lose.

    Also, it does not really relate to not sharing techniques. Techniques are often found by incident, not because somebody was especially good at the game. A lot of smart guys played Demon's Souls for a couple years before some random schmuck attacked a guy backwards and discovered dead angle.

    Understanding maneuvers such as that is a part of what makes somebody a good player. The more widespread this knowledge is, the stronger the average player becomes. This is inarguable. Whether or not they were 'smart' enough to discover the information on their own is irrelevant.

    I completely agree with underlined #1.

    In regards to underlined #2:

    I agree with it also, but I'd like to take it out of context a little if I may Saint, hope you dont mind.

    I almost think underlined #2 would be a consideration for the need to share information. There are mechanics in this game that need to be learned, but are only researchable through resources outside of the instruction manual and/or guidebook. That alone creates imbalance.

    I want to share information about Dark Souls for the simple sake of sharing, and yes i get a small ego boost when I come up with something cool I'll admit, no matter how rare that instance might be.

    I'm just glad that one way or the other, techniques have been published, tricks have posted, and "How to do said mechanic for dummies" is all over the youtube. I've taken full advantage of the "How to for dummies". Thats for SURE.

    Thank you community. I am one of those people not smart enough to figure it all out on my own. Proper Bow


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    Re: Knowledge is Power, Guard it well.

    Post by EeAyEss on Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:57 pm

    In my opinion, knowledge should be shared. How to do stuff, certain tricks with weapons to do more damage/stunlock/whatever.

    There is a difference between players. Smart players may know all the tricks in the book, but can't execute them properly. A good/skilled player may not know all these tricks, but is proficient enough with the skills and tricks he does know to be successful.

    I think everyone should know of these tricks/skills/tactics, and they should choose whether or not to practice them.


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