Would like elemental Gargoyle halberd (PS3)(RESOLVED)


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    Would like elemental Gargoyle halberd (PS3)(RESOLVED)

    Post by sure-magicians on Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:49 pm

    I just started a new character, but an unlucky one since I am now an invader magnet, or so it seems.
    Got invaded 3 times in a row before Taurus, once when I was fighting Havel, then again when I was talking to Solaire, and again after kindling the Sunlight altar bonfire.

    Haven't reached the Blacksmith yet so no upgraded weapons or armor...

    Currently level 20, and once I get the Crest I'll reach 40 in a few hours, if anyone would like to trade a lightning Gargoyle halberd that would help me even the odds a little.

    I have a level 100 that has red, blue, white and regular chunks, or the soul of Manus or the gold and silver tracer to trade...

    psn: sure-magicians
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