Trade Completed


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    Trade Completed

    Post by Autimneus on Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:37 am

    A friend and I are doing a npc run with kirk and solaire and I was
    wondering if anyone might have the set of thorns, shield and sword they
    might want to give up.

    Since the builds are chart/gear dependent a
    grand majority of unique items I'll come across will be completely
    unnecessary on my end. So if you'd like some things in return as I get
    to them I'd be happy to oblige.

    If you're interested my steamurl is -⑨- Shivery Spectrum

    I'll need to know what level you are going to be at to trade. I've already spoken to someone about the gear being acquired at level 20, requiring me to be at 8, which is ideal for a character based run. If you are in a percentage bracket that I'd have to be well into the game to achieve then while I appreciate the thought I'll have to pass!

    Edit -

    Just figured out my lowest usage level. I can really be no higher than 10 if I want to start out as kirk, so please keep level 10 in mind!

    Edit 2-
    Well I'm at the bonfire above Andre and have saved all the souls so far. I can push my S.Lvl to 12 right now if it meets any of your requirements.

    Edit 3 - Just remembered invading doesn't have a cap. So... yeah!

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