Funny Times Funny times


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    Funny Times Funny times

    Post by tinypantha on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:31 am

    So i was invading last night in the woods and i invaded a "bad man" from canada. I sent him a message aying #SWAG, If I may say my friend." and he didnt reply sad so i wen to fight him and he had Wooden Arrows dropped to look like weapons and im liek OOOHHHHH YeAH ITEMS! and i get a few an he attacks 2v1 and i hold out for 20 minutes and 3 other invaders due to estus :l. I re-invade get instant killed. I then re re- invade and i run to the hydra jump and i relax down there sending messages like "#SWAG #YOLO #BAUS 1V1 CoD quikscope me bruh, and etc" then he jumps down with me and i hornet ring dark silver tracer bs the host 3 times for the kill.

    Next i invade anothe set of gankers and end "#SWAG, If I may say my friend." and he sends back " XD THATS IT YOUR ADDED!"

    Now back to first invasion: I hid inside the giant mushroooooooooommen for a while sending messages like "I am the 1-up mushroooooooooom! no but srssly 1v1 quikscope me brah" and eventualy he replied "NICE GRAMMER, IDIOT!" next " Learn to spell because no one will take you seriously if you spell like an austistic person." I replied " Oh Noes You Are All Mad and Junk"

    After the invasions they blocked me ._. and then i got my friend to message the first guy with 1v1 Cod messages.

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    Re: Funny Times Funny times

    Post by LoreFF on Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:40 am

    erm what ?


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