A New Burden



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    A New Burden

    Post by Cato on Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:48 am

    Friends of the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant, we have a task in front of us, and it's not a pretty one.

    For too long have our ranks been sullied by those unworthy to bear our titles and be amongst our gross incandescence. No, this must stop, and we must gird ourselves.

    I propose a new order, a new shape, and a new structure to the Warriors of Sunlight. For does not the sun, in its hovering glory, hang constant in the sky, our eternal father, watching us from on high? As it moves across the sky, so should we, ourselves, move with the passage of time.

    Let us revise the codes. Let us give a way to identify those who honor these codes. And let us be vigilant, and watch those members who do not uphold our virtue of Jolly Cooperation, and extinguish them before they can bring harm to their hosts.

    1: You are a Warrior of the Sunlight. You honor the sun at all times, and, if you are outdoors and the sun is shining (And your host isn't in danger, mind you), you take the time, and you praise the sun.

    2: Your host is more important than you. He is granting you a grand opportunity, to see his life, and live in his world. Treat him as you would a combination between the owner of a house you just entered, and a wise man. Just remember, sometimes, you do need to goad them in the right direction. If something attacks your host, stop it from doing so. If something invades your host's home, destroy it utterly, and without mercy. The dark must not prevail over the Sun's light.

    3: When greeting your host, after you have done your initial praising, give a bow, and then praise once more. This will signify your acceptance of this code, and how it binds you to your mission.

    4: You may invade other hosts, but only under one condition: To ensure that any Warriors of Sunlight that may be accompanying that host are doing an adequate job, and are not disgracing our name by being far from grossly incandescent. If the conduct shown is proper, leave. Once the offending Warrior of Sunlight has been dispatched, leave. The key is to punish those who would defile our Jolly Cooperation, and to teach them that the rays of the Sun reach even to the darkest of places.

    5: Most of all: Be Jolly! Cooperate! PRAISE THE SUN!

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    Re: A New Burden

    Post by Mike5005005 on Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:16 pm

    Sweet and understood!

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