Can you move your saved slot line up? (X-box)


    Alynda Noqurden

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    Can you move your saved slot line up? (X-box)

    Post by Alynda Noqurden on Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:01 am

    to be a little more clear, I would like to move my SL20 to slot 1 but it is currently taken by my SL155... I dont want to delete the 155 but eh willing to do so pretty much it is just an organization issue... i want them all in order more so on lvl along with since im on the SL20 the most it being in the #1 slot would be faster and easier to do when not really paying attention (obv if its not possible it isnt really a problem i was just curious if there was a way and i was being a derp in not seeing it)

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