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    Random Forum Game Reviews.

    Post by Hydreigon11 on Wed Jan 16, 2013 7:42 pm

    So, playing some games I have seen that for my tastes, some games that should be good are just a massive disappointment, so I'm starting this thread, where I'll review a random game that I have recently bought/played.

    If you wish to add anything to this review, or counteri it do so in the comments. If you would like to review a game, send me a PM and then I'll let you post it in the forum (not trying to control anything, I just don't want this whole thread to be review after review)

    This week's edition: DmC : Devil may Cry

    So this prequel/reboot has finally been released, and with many players complaining about Dante's change of look and style, it was received with some negative press. But DmC deserves none of that, it is probably one of the best hack and slash, cut crap up games on the Xbox or PS3.

    First, the visuals. DmC looks absolutely amazing, it doesn't look hyper realistic or anything, but it does have some of the most clear cut and just straight up beautiful graphics. The environments are clearly detailed, with little things making you think, ah that's cool as you walk past them. The cut scenes are also very good looking, in the way of visuals it's no Final Fantasy XIII but it is a very good looking game.

    Second, the gameplay. Probably the most important part of DmC has been crafted amazingly, the weapons flow well and the amount of crazy combos you can pull off is just stupid. At the end of the game you have 3 different guns, and four weapons as well as good ole Rebellion. Combos flow easily and visual cues are clearly shown as to when an enemy will hit you, which is especially helpful in Heaven or Hell mode and Hell or Hell mode. The levels never really get repetitive, I never once thought dammit I have to fight those four mother f*****s AGAIN? Although some levels are a little too short or too long. One level leads you through a gauntlet which got a little tedious, but not so much so that I was bored since I could experiment with crazy combos. The game rewards creativity with style points, which add up to a total leaderboard score at the end, the more crazy shiz you pull off, the more points you get.

    Finally (what every Souls fan wants to know) the difficulty. I played on Nephelim, and it wasn't hard nor was it easy I tried to play human, but the enemies died so quickly it wasn't fun. I have yet to try out Son of Sparda, and will update you on the difficulty after my exams.

    All in all, DmC is an amazing game, I won't give it a score out of ten because it's an arbitrary number. Ninja Theory (the developers) put their own spin on the story of Dante (being half angel and half devil now) and have done a fantastic job of bringing the voice acting to life. The voice acting was amazing, as is the whole game. My advice; if you're a fan of hack and slashers, or liked the original Devil May Cry, this game is more than worth your money.

    EDIT: Some negatives:
    The bosses (all 6? of them) aren't very varied and have a very similar fight style, block/dodge then Devil pull.
    Hell or Hell gets you nothing in game, no sense at all
    Sometimes the lack of lock on messes with your attacks and you grab on to stuff you don't want to.

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