Event idea: War (just brainstorming)

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    Event idea: War (just brainstorming)

    Post by Knight Loltrec on Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:30 pm

    Hey guys, I have an idea for a big PVP event that I think would be really fun. Now, I don't have it completely worked out in my head, and I'm just brainstorming right now. If you're interested, you should post what you think, and we can discuss details and such, until we come up with an awesome plan!

    Basically, my idea is to have a big war in the forest, with someone keeping score or something. Everyone would have to choose a side (idk what the sides are yet, but they could be things that have a certain meaning, like you have to use a certain weapon or armor set, etc.) and fight people on the opposite side. At the end of the day (week, month? at the end of the event), a winner would be announced, and they'd be rewarded with treasures.
    Now I don't know quite how that would work yet, I had some ideas for it, like one side puts their red signs down in a line, and the other side can summon them. Maybe something like that.

    Again, all of these ideas are open for anyone's input. These are just brainstormings.

    Or, maybe it could be like everyone on every side invades the other side, but when you get invaded and you die and lose your humanity, you're out (or maybe you have a certain number of times that you can reverse hollowing and come back into the game?) and the last side with humans still alive are the winners. That could be cool! That would probably work better than the scorekeeper.

    Let me know what you think of this idea! When we get details and specifics worked out, we can set some possible dates. Maybe it could be a week or even month long thing if people like it enough.

    The idea of the sides would be that everyone would know whose side someone is on, because of the way they play, and the armor they're wearing. There could also be more than two sides!

    Here are some ideas for sides:
    -Followers of Havel
    -The Dragonslayers
    -The Gravelords(?)
    -The Daughters of Chaos
    -The Warriors of Carim
    -The Knights of Astora
    -Tarkus' Band of Merry Men
    -The Abysswalkers (DLC only)
    -The Lord's Blades (DLC only)
    -The Men of the East
    -The Pinwheels
    -The Everlasting Dragons
    -The Woodsmen (hunters)
    -The Demon Hunters
    -The Adherents of Seath (would have blood-feud with the followers of Havel)

    Just had this idea: There could be generals or leaders for each side that could administer orders to their troops. Maybe?

    TL;DR: An all-out PVP war!

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