11+ Normal vs. Fire/Lightning


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    Re: 11+ Normal vs. Fire/Lightning

    Post by reim0027 on Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:11 pm

    sjackson12 wrote:
    reim0027 wrote:
    sjackson12 wrote:Decided to get the DGM, at +7 so far. I really like it, but when I increased strength from 26 to 27 the bonus damage only went up by one point?
    Was this 1H or 2H? If you plan on fighting 2H, then stop at 27. The AR pretty much maxes there, unless you put a lot of stats in.

    two-handed, if I one-hand it it shows a negative bonus.

    I didn't realize scaling increases changed based on the stat level. It's kind of silly with this weapon, because if the AR pretty much maxes around 27, but you can't one-hand it at all until level 25 or so. Not much room to do anything.
    The scaling pretty much stops at 40. After that, severe diminishing returns kick in.

    So, if you mainly 1H, then, you want your Str at 40. 2H a weapon increases the AR by 1.5. So, 2H at 27 Str = same damage as 1H with 40 Str.


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    Re: 11+ Normal vs. Fire/Lightning

    Post by sjackson12 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:45 am

    RantFromRant wrote:i would go with the dgm, its my fave weapon in the whole game, the dgh beign the second. id recommend you get your faith up to 30 and use slb or dmb, dont really need more than 30 really, also the zwei+15 kicks *** with slb/dmb. heres a video of me using it


    I'm only doing melee and no magic/spells/etc. I am using the DGM at +10 right now, killed iron golem in six hits.

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