Fighting Styles


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    Fighting Styles

    Post by tinypantha on Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:29 pm

    been thinking on this for a while:

    So fightng styles would be inplace of the 2h/1h and can be changed at a checkpoint after purchasing a item?

    Swordsman (fancy) 1h or 2h: Would contain more speed up slow down motions like in the curved greatsword motions. kick would be a backwards shuffle feint. speed up 1 dmg down.1

    brute (straightforward) : 2h Wild attack set consisting of more stronger slower r2 and quicker weaker r1 similar to basic, BUT the r1 and r2 would be similar motions ex both upwards slash. dmg up 1 speed down 1

    Fencer: Focus on thrust (thrust only-able weapons) Allows parry when 2h. Must 2h. Dmg -1 speed 1.

    Knight: Focus on Slash 1h. Moves are fancy but feature a shield bash attack dmg 0 spd 0

    Caster: Weapon are handled with fumbling. Catalysts cast faster and can be used as weapons effectivly. mgc dmg 1 wep dmg -2 cast speed 1

    Cleric: focus on casting speed but devote priest nokno war? wep dmg -1 cast speed 1

    Paladin: Battle Hardened cleric wep speed -1 cast speed 1

    Battle Mage: cast speed 1 wep dmg -1

    Scholar: wep spd and dmg -1 mgc spd and dmg 1

    starting classes:





    thief: later

    pyro: brute

    deprived: brute

    bandit: brute

    wanderer: swordsman

    Rapier class(hopefully!): Fencer

    Opinions before i post more?

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