Opinions on what to do when summoned by farmers



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    Re: Opinions on what to do when summoned by farmers

    Post by callipygias on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:36 pm

    If I'm summoned to a host in mid-fight I'll do everything I can to kill the invader (which usually means dying). If the host is just standing there, fightless, I'll quick-message, "pvp or kiln?" If he says pvp I'll bow and message back, "no thanks," or something and leave, but I have no problem with anyone doing anything at all to kill invaders. I mean, look at the word: Invader. The idea of an invader complaining about fair play is kind of funny to me.

    I know we all want a fair duel (at least when things don't go our way), but if I ever choose to invade anyone I fully expect them to use any tactic at all to wipe me out, and if they decide to take the high road and duel like gentlemen/gentledames I'll count myself fortunate.

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    Re: Opinions on what to do when summoned by farmers

    Post by ChizFreak on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:44 pm

    Now that I think it, most people say it's unfair because it's 2v1, but, the forest covenant has no level restrictions so.... how do you know that while using your lvl 40 toon you're not being invaded by a guy who is lvl 120? How do you stand a chance? Also you can only summon people close to your lvl, that means that if you're invaded by a high level guy, you need a lot of skill to win.

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