Starting Classes?



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    Re: Starting Classes?

    Post by messremb on Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:06 pm

    Sloth9230 wrote:They only reason you should care about your characters ethnicity, is role playing. I disliked genders in Demon's Souls for the same reason; something aesthetic shouldn't effect the way you play the game.

    They could create multiple armors and weapons with the exact stats, but then that's just extra work for From. They could still do it though, I wouldn't mind having multiple long-sword types to choose from.

    Swapping a longsword for a katana(no matter how weak or strong) completely changes the way that class fights, at least until they get a different weapons to choose from.
    You are right, i am wanting this for purely roleplay purposes. It would make no difference in the end, as this would only affect early play. People (well, PVPers anyways) will find whatever the equivalent of the Giant Set or Smough set Family Mask, etc. will be in this game, and then we have about 100,000 folks online who all look the same (which is fine,btw). I just think this would be nice to have some early game replay value, as well as possibly add alot to the lore and story if they so choose to make your race matter. Although, you are completely right in pointing out this would likely end up being more work for them.
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    Re: Starting Classes?

    Post by ublug on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:56 pm

    They could also make classes a bit more general purpose. You still choose a class, but each class have 2 or 3 different setups. They could also link the setup to gender, instead of weapon choice, to make genders more diverse. You will be able to find/buy all the starting gear early in the game anyway, so it shouldn't matter that much.

    Bandit: Battle axe or Mace.
    Knight: Broadsword or Short spear.
    Wanderer: Scimitar or Rapier
    Thief: Bandit's Knife or Claws.

    Don't know what they could do with the magic classes though, maybe choose the starting spell? (ranged spell, weapon buff, or defensive spell)

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    Re: Starting Classes?

    Post by ViralEnsign_ on Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:50 am

    I liked the idea of soldier. I would like to see a basic warrior class with mediocre/ average looking european pikemans garb and using a halberd....kinda like a cross between Temple Knight and Warrior.

    Perhaps an eastern style Monk like class. Staves or Unarmed or Clubs or something like that ( Naginata and Tetsubo, etc).


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    Re: Starting Classes?

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