Enchantet/Occult question and interesting stuff



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    Enchantet/Occult question and interesting stuff

    Post by Fotitudo on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:10 pm

    Are occult and enchantet weapons nerfed from the patch, or just chaos/fire and lightning ones?
    I dont know, should i use enchantet/occult weapons, are there dangerous as +15´s?

    And two things!
    On my 20 Str /40 Dex build:
    Rapier > dark silver tracer on a riposte
    dark silver tracer > rapier on a backstab
    literally, that means, there must be total different crit.bonuses for bs´s and riposte´s.

    And the black knight halberd, breaks 2 handed more than 44 poise! The normal halberd cant break 40 poise when 2-handed ...

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    Re: Enchantet/Occult question and interesting stuff

    Post by Ghadis_God on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:41 pm

    Occult and Enchanted were left unchanged. Enchanted are better than Elementals with more than 40 Int, but Occult takes 50 faith before it gets more powerful than Chaos, to speak in general terms. I'd say they're worth it for toons that have high Int/Faith but low Str/Dex. However, I still maintain personally that the best use for Occult/Enchanted are for high level toons with advanced stats in all scaling catgories, as they still have minimal scaling with Str/Dex and scale past 50, affected less by diminishing returns than +15 weapons. However, a weapon meant for a caster won't be as powerful as one used by a dedicated melee toon with Str/Dex at +15.

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