Anonymous Knight - Free item/co-op orders, simply ask, factor in 1-3 days (xbox only)


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    Anonymous Knight - Free item/co-op orders, simply ask, factor in 1-3 days (xbox only)

    Post by ShiftyCake on Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:53 am

    Why hello everyone Proper Bow
    Most of the information came in the title.

    Anyone looking for an item they need simply has to ask me, and I will get it for you. Absolutely free. Factor in one to three days for this, because some items may require me to start a new game.

    Remember, summoning only works if you are close enough to my level.

    I only have two character saves as of now, since I mass deleted a while back:

    Level 32 Mage - Can be summoned from levels 18-46 - soul spear and homing soulmass, butterfly horn + 3, and starting catalyst. I can help you with any area and boss as this character up to Ornstein and Smough.

    Level 71 Melee - can be summoned from levels 51-91 - +5 Gravelord sword, +15 pyromancy flame with great chaos fireball and fire orb/fire tempest being used. I can help with any area and boss except for the final boss (I'm working on that, but I rage quit after falling off a few too many times), this is not NG+, you wouldn't need me if it was.

    Later on, I will get a character at level 120. That way I will be able to help anyone from 92-148, since by then you should be experienced enough to do without me. Yes, there are a few level gaps between the mage and melee, but you can make those in no time.

    Note: there might be one or two levels wrong in my calculation, since it isn't always +15%.
    Additional Information

    I will not help you farm souls, do that by yourself.

    I will not let you abuse the hunter covenant area, do not ask for my help against such invaders.

    I will, and take note of this, be a girly bad-*** and litter prism stones everywhere if I feel like it. If you do not wish to admit you have a feminine side, please back off and pretend you didn't see it. Note that I won't do it always, if you have feminine obsession.

    I will always do a proper bow to start, and a proper bow to end my summon.

    I will never act discourteous, or intentionally aim to kill you or in some way ruin your game.

    If you do not see me bow properly at the start and end, send me a message saying "you're a massive ***". This will remind me of my negligence and that I ruined someone's day.

    If I fall off somewhere in the middle of helping you, do not laugh. Wait until you re-summon me and proceed to point at me. That way, my humiliation will really sink in.
    Contact Details

    Finally, the details of contact. Post what you wish me to get, or what you wish me to co-op with you, and post your Gamertag, and then tell me which character you wish me to use for co-op/get the item for you. I will add more characters as I make them.
    Then simply add my Gamertag: ragingpr0,
    and not make fun of it because it is really old.

    If you wish to do co-op,. I will send you a message when I see you on.
    If you wish to recieve an item, I will message you when I have it, and then when I see you on next.

    Note: When giving you an item, if your level is too high for my characters, then I will leave a red summon sign through which you can summon me into your level. If your too low, there is nothing I can do, but being below level 18 means you shouldn't need anything or you can level really fast.
    Remember, I am here not for myself but for you. I will help you in anyway I can, if it does not breach my sense of "that's an ******* move" or "play dark souls like a real man".

    If anyone wishes to help me in my quest to make Dark Souls an enriching experience for other players, feel free to say so below, I'll put you on as a trial and if I get enough positive reports, you will become an Anonymous Knight.
    If anyone wishes to call this a covenant, let me tell you how blatantly wrong you are. I am simply a person here to enrich other peoples experiences, not to add a sort of "role-play" to the game and create clans. Cause Covenants are really clans, with the exception of Nightwatch (quite liked that idea).

    Proper Bow

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