Character load failing!! Because of DLC Xbox 360 HELP!!



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    Character load failing!! Because of DLC Xbox 360 HELP!!

    Post by ComeAtmeBro on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:19 am

    Dark souls won't load any of my characters because of the DLC ? It says that dark souls could not find the Artorias of the abyss DLC so I cannot load this character and needs to be downloaded again!! My brother downloaded the DLC on HIS account profile and plays it all the time, but when I sign out and go to mine I can't load any of my characters and it says to download it again. No matter how many times I'm forced to sign out of my profile and back on to my brothers to download it again in the history and return back to mine it doesn't work., I'll sign out and go back to my profile and hopefully the problem would be fixed but NO it doesn't work and I can't play any of them. WHY?? Help me please !! sad
    ( I haven't even played the DLC on my account profile either the message just popped up every time I try to load a character !!)

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    Re: Character load failing!! Because of DLC Xbox 360 HELP!!

    Post by Bioraptor on Sat Jan 05, 2013 11:06 pm

    The DLC is on the same Xbox its just you have two different GT accounts on this.....Yes?.
    Try deleting the DLC.Log onto your account and down load it again....this may work for you but if it does then your brother may find himself having the issue.....To be honest it should not really matter how many accounts you have as long as they are all one the same console the DLC should work for all......


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