I'm starting a Pyromancer, need help !!!!


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    I'm starting a Pyromancer, need help !!!!

    Post by Le_Pourris on Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:15 pm

    hi, I'm starting a Pyromancer and I don't know where to start and where to go to get some good stuff at the beginning...

    I'm playin melee & pyromancy . But I always get some cheap stuff...help me because I'm lost...

    what's are the good stuff for a starting pyromancer lvl 10-20

    thx , this is my first post. I love the game and I'm not a noob but with this class...I don't know what to do and where to start. Every character have his own path to get the stuff they need..

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    Re: I'm starting a Pyromancer, need help !!!!

    Post by Shindori on Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:19 pm

    Hmm.. well dont try to go full pyromancy cuz.. it aint gon be fun. I suggest using a fast sword like a longsword, estoc or balder side sword. Keep it light but strong. If you want something later on thats fast and deals fire damage, i suggest taking a fave of your weapons and converting it to fire/chaos or just using resin, and lots of it. For equipment, anything you want really... it all depends on what your playstyle is.

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    Re: I'm starting a Pyromancer, need help !!!!

    Post by WhatDoesThePendantDo? on Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:23 pm

    What do you want to do?

    At that level you might already have access to Laurentius, he should provide you with some pretty decent stuff to start off with.

    If not, and you're in more trouble than I imagine, just get the Drake Sword off of the Hellkite Dragon.


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    Re: I'm starting a Pyromancer, need help !!!!

    Post by bl0odyMe5s on Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:44 pm

    After you killed Capra Demon, you can access the Depths. Free Laurentius there and meet him at Firelink Shrine. Let him upgrade your pyromancy flame to at least +10. That _should_ trigger Quelana to spawn in the Great Swamp at the bottom of Blighttown. She's got the really good stuff! The Master Key will make things less annoying. However, if you rely on Pyromancy only, Quelaag will be a pain to kill since she doesn't give a **** about fire damage. A good weapon would be the Iato, since it scales with Dex and increasing your Dex will also make your Pyromancy casting animation faster. And if you have the Iato at +10, you can later upgrade it to the Chaos Blade using the soul of Queelag. Also keep in mind that, besides DEX, pyromancy will not be affected by
    any of your stats. The only thing that matters is the level of your
    pyromancy flame. Long story short - killing Capra Demon is essential for a pyro build since it's the key to access Laurentius. Hope, this will help you in some way. At least, that's how I did my pyro build.

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    Re: I'm starting a Pyromancer, need help !!!!

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