LunarFog build: Pure Perfection


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    LunarFog build: Pure Perfection

    Post by LunarFog on Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:01 pm

    Note: I go into the menu and quickswitch between Artorias shield and the Cleansing Greatshield depending on whether or not I'm fighting a black magic/WoG spamming mage. Really helps.

    Defensive Play
    The Artorias shield's 88 stability makes it so I can block any kind of attack without any problem. Quickswitching to the cleansing shield makes it manageable to defend against crystal magic/dark magic/WoG spam and with my <50% roll I can still dodge if I have to.

    Offensive Play

    If I'm up against anything smaller than an Ultra Greatsword or Great Hammer(or a spear) then I start a fight by locking on with Gough's bow. It's so strong that it outpowers most weapons and taking a hit to hit the other guy with an arrow is worth the risk.

    The demon spear is strong and has long enough range to hit people way before they hit me. As long as I keep my shield up and be wary of backstabbers I can roll-attack or turtle anyone to death. If they keep their shield up though, I just double hand my spear and kick their shield then poke them til I break through their guard.

    For magicians or pyromancers who are keeping their distance and trying to cast a spell, the Avelyn is perfect and hits them before they hit me. If it's a stalemate, it's strong enough to usually have cause the same amount of damage as a spell.

    For laggers and people trying to BS, I back myself into a corner and then just do the occasional poke to keep them from inflicting any status on me. Not the coolest strategy, but it works when I really need it to.

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