Paladin set/ Black Knight Greataxe (PS3)


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    Paladin set/ Black Knight Greataxe (PS3)

    Post by D3CRON on Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:29 pm

    Hey guys,

    I am one of the unfortunate who didn't get his paldin armro set after killing the paladin leeroy invader (not in Nito's room) + I also didn't get his "sanctus". Only thing i got from his corpse was humanity. (I probably glitched him per accident as his corpse fell into the wall, not sure if that is a factor at all). And yes i quit and reloaded to doublecheck for the armor set.

    So now my request : is anyone willing to trade or donate this marvelous armor set and/or greataxe?

    PSN = D3CRON
    SL = mid 80's
    Game = NG
    Timezone = GMT+1
    RSS = Yes

    Thanks in advance. big grin

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