Inbox of a Darkwraith thread


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    Re: Inbox of a Darkwraith thread

    Post by theGentleman on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:04 pm

    Looks likes this thread hasn't been touched in a week or so, but these two invasions and bits of hatemail made my day.

    PREFACE: I always assumed that I had such success with my gimmick builds because only kids populate the Xbox. Today I discovered that I was incorrect.

    Invading the Funhouse with Lvl 10 Tonberry on the box.

    1) British host pulls the plug as soon as I invade and sends a voice message about what a POS I am for invading Sen's. I text back that I'm level 10 and it's a joke-build, so he can take it easy.
        Another voicemail about how it's impossible for a Lvl 10 to invade him as he is Lvl 50 and that there is "no such thing as a joke-build, because people take PvP seriously." Along with that, he includes some less than tasteful comments about our national leaders ethnicity.
       I write him giving him an opportunity to redeem himself because racist comments are usually frowned upon and reported to MS. Voice messages about how he doesn't care, go ahead and report him followed by words that I assume are hurtful in England.
         10 minutes pass and then I get back to back voice mails on the verge of tears apologizing, please don't report him, etc.
         Something about groveling feeds the sadist in me.

    2) Host is alone, just leaving the first chamber and heading to the first bridge, sees me and turns to bow only to be swiped off by the swinging blades and then stomped by titanite Demon below.
        And. . . .  Hatemail! it's sort of long and rambling about what a POS I am for hitting him during a bow and how he hopes somebody 'whoops my *** so hard' but the outstanding feature was his southern accent so thick that I could hardly make out some of the words (was stationed in Georgia for 2 years, at that) . . . anyways, it reminded me of this ( so I recorded it onto the box and sent it back to him.
        Enjoy if you have never heard that before. "I'm hungry!"

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    Re: Inbox of a Darkwraith thread

    Post by OminousSquaffle on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:49 pm

    I haven't gotten any REALLY good hatemail in ages but yesterday I got one that gave me a good laugh.

    This is from a Swiss guy I invaded in the Parish. No, I wasn't griefing, I was using +5 weapons...I like to give new players a decent first invasion experience.

    Anywho, we were in the tower that has Lautrec's cell key/all the hollows and I'd just killed his phantom. He ran back towards the boar so I headed up the first ladder and got out onto one of the rafters.

    Boar nailed him, he came charging back in and I did a plunging attack. 250-some damage was enough to do him in, and I got...

    "kikoo p***y quit or die"

    As it turns out "kikoo" means...a friendly greeting or something. Still don't get that one. I informed him that if something like this would make him rage and hurl insults and random strangers it was my advice that he found a more forgiving game, and I got...

    "gooby your xbox kid u bann f*g"

    I can understand if English isn't your first language and you can't speak it well, but if your English is bad AND you're trash talking...the combination is lulz.

    I sent him back something along the lines of "^_^ and why would I be banned, silly?" and got...

    "gooby your xbox u bann f***ing"

    Not anything special but I still giggled. So yeah. That's mine.

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    Re: Inbox of a Darkwraith thread

    Post by cerealaire on Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:46 pm

    ah just invaded a guy or boy sent me a hate message  because i suck at pvp even though i killed him on my first attempt of a parry that doesn't make sense


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    Re: Inbox of a Darkwraith thread

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