sl 100 caster build


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    sl 100 caster build

    Post by Rifter7 on Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:00 pm

    i'm going to be making this build next. doing this all without a bbg'd toon so i have a mini guide as well.. for me mainly but if you follow suite the info's there.

    what do you think of the build?


    titanite shard x21
    large titanite x21
    titanite chunk x21
    titanite slab x3 (gcrest at +14)
    (must complete fattys quest)
    demon titanite x10 (just enough if trading with snuggly)
    dragon scale x10

    to do list.
    -grab sacrifice ring
    -grab grass crest
    -grab wolf ring
    -talk to siegmeyer on route to gargoyles
    -grab firekeeper soul
    -leave lautrec alive
    -kill gargoyles

    -grab new londo firekeeper soul
    -grab lagtown firekeeper soul
    -kill quelagg

    -get dingy armor

    -go to sens
    -grab lightning spear
    -grab ring
    -talk to siegmeyer
    -save logan
    -kill golem
    -activate cage shortcut

    -activate golem shortcut
    -kill lautrec for fap ring
    -kill o and s
    -do not talk to big breasts- leave.
    -kill butterfly

    -upgrade weapons.

    -kill sif
    -kill 4 kings
    -join darkwraith

    -kill big breasts/get teleport
    -talk to comatose snake in firelink and use his feed

    -upgrade items more

    -go to dukes
    -die with ring of sacrifice on
    -get magic spells from logan
    -cut sifs tail off, kill him
    -buy all logans spells
    -get logans cat/let his crazy naked *** run free (i leave him. it makes me laugh, u can kill him if you're reading this)

    -kill lake gargoyle thing
    -save dusk
    -get broken pendant
    -get dusk crown
    -get to dlc area
    -get dark bead
    -kill manus
    -trade soul with snuggly for pursuers

    -grab titanite slab from dragon, dont need to kill it. just quit/load.
    -go kill asylum demon. get painted doll.
    -grab dried finger off bird roof and rss from arena stairs. skip prisc.

    -go to izalith and finish siegmeyers quest
    -go to ash lake and get titanite. if you goofed trade for a slab for something else.

    should be everything. beat the game and get ready to mcduel bro.

    oh yea save the whimps in lower burg and get some spells while you're leveling. you need the embers too.


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    Re: sl 100 caster build

    Post by mugenis4real on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:39 am

    Well the build looks pretty solid although I must say that you definitely have your work cut out for you if you really plan on leveling to SL100.

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    Re: sl 100 caster build

    Post by Ghadis_God on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:43 am

    Very standard build, you have low dex and cast speed so you might whiff some of your castings.

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    Re: sl 100 caster build

    Post by Rifter7 on Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:51 pm

    yeah.. it's something i can't afford to put points into. i don't plan on spamming the spells that much tho honestly- i intend to rely more on the mlgs.

    i've considered removing dark bead for chameleon honestly.

    edit: yeah i just scrapped the dark magic stink.
    more stamina for whipping my mlgs around and chameleon now.


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    Re: sl 100 caster build

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