Dark Souls: The cure for a bad day


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    Dark Souls: The cure for a bad day

    Post by anath on Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:06 pm

    OK, so normally Dark Souls induces rage, but last night I had an amazing encounter, and it still makes me smile to think about it.

    I had a bloody rotten day yesterday, and when I came home from work, I escaped to Lordran for a bit. I was planning to just farm the Balders to get another BSS and complete my set (regular, divine, lightning, fire). I played my build that I was planning to keep below SL20, but have actually stubbornly refused to go above SL12, and have proudly gotten all the way to the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo. But last night I went back to the parish, threw my sign down, and did some mindless grinding.

    My second summoning I was the second phantom, and as soon as I arrived, the host dropped something. OK, cool. Pick it up, 2 titanite slabs.


    I am over the moon! What did I do to deserve this? Then another drop. I looked at the other phantom, waited, but they both pointed to it, so I picked that up, too. Lightning BSS +5. Holy crap! Am I dreaming? I assume that we must be doing PvP, which I suck at, but for 2 slabs and a lightning BSS, which I was farming for in the first place, I'll give it my best shot! But we go on a basic PvE run, and before the gargoyles, another slab drop. bounce

    We then go fight the gargoyles, and I don't think I landed a single hit. Which I was really bummed about, because I really felt like I should have done something amazing to deserve the gifts. But, long story short, after a horrid day at work, this one encounter restored my faith in humanity, and really helped in my quest to tackle the end game with my low level toon.

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    Re: Dark Souls: The cure for a bad day

    Post by LunarFog on Thu Dec 13, 2012 6:10 pm

    D'awww. I wish we could've met <3 That would've cheered one of us up for sure :red-orb:


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    Re: Dark Souls: The cure for a bad day

    Post by Alara78 on Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:30 am

    I once was gifted 7 slabs by a phantom happy
    Really made my day

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    Re: Dark Souls: The cure for a bad day

    Post by XachAttack on Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:35 am

    I keep hearing stories like this, but damn it never happens to me! Lol, jokes aside though, good to hear there are still decent people around. Good luck with your low lvl run!

    [__ It's go time!__]

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    Re: Dark Souls: The cure for a bad day

    Post by Sentiel on Fri Dec 14, 2012 9:52 am

    A long time ago in a world far, far away, when I was starting one of my characters...

    I've spend some time in Burg and Parish helping people get through. I like to get to Sunbros asap and it's a good way to get some Humanity, so items drop more often for me and I don't have to look like a steak gone wrong.

    In Burg, I got summoned by a host, that had a huge stash of items behind him. He messaged me that he's going to delete this character and he wants to give away it's items, as he finds it a waste to just let them be deleted.

    There was many things, among which were 99 pieces of each boss soul, 99 of all types of titanite, Divine Blessings, many fully upgraded weapons and armor sets and Firekeeper Souls.
    I was speechless.
    He said he has lot more of them and doesn't need them anymore.

    Soon after, I've found about BB glitch. lol!

    I've felt bad for having them as they were most than likely glitched, but deleting them was a waste, just like the man who gave them to me said. So I spent tens of hours, slowly giving them away to random people for their good deeds. winking

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    Re: Dark Souls: The cure for a bad day

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