Dks II will not be set at the time of the dragon war

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    Dks II will not be set at the time of the dragon war

    Post by Steel Dragon74 on Thu Dec 13, 2012 2:56 am

    I have been seeing alot of speculation about when Dks II will be set and a lot of people think that it may be in the dragon war time

    However I have come to realise that this cant be the case as the trailer states that we will be an undead again and the curse of the undead did not originate until well after the dragon war (shortly before Gwyn left to link the fire)

    Therefor I think that I have narrowed down the next games timeframe to four possible options:

    1: Around the time Gwyn linked the fire

    2: The same time as the first game

    3: shortly after the first game (assuming that the dark lord ending occered)

    4: A few hundred years later when the flames are fading again

    Those are the only possib;itys that I can see at this time with the information that we have

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