The Wishful Thinking Thread

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    Re: The Wishful Thinking Thread

    Post by Reaperfan on Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:30 am

    @sparkly-twinklie-lizard: Crystal Lizard idea I've read so far. Price is no option, make this happen FROM (or Namco-Bandai, whoever's in charge of that kind of thing).

    I would like the "arena" idea honestly released as it's own game (that would of course share character data with the official game), maybe a $15-$20 downloadable title on PSN/XBLive or whatever. I would shell out that much for a place for dedicated dueling PvP in a heartbeat, but I also don't want a place focused on online play to be connected with the narrative of the official game. It would mess with the isolation and lonliness of the player character in a narrative sense and make the game just feel less dark (also why my short-lived idea for a Souls MMO style game was...well...short-lived). It would also cut down the whining about "cheap invader tactics" because if you wanted duels instead of invasions, they have a place for that and invasions would more solidly fit the role-playing aspect FROM designed the covenants for in the first place.


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    Re: The Wishful Thinking Thread

    Post by Rikril on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:54 am

    A cross conection between Xbox users and PS users, either through arena or normal worl encounter but a ranking system to go along with it to have a little fun and compittion between both systems. Color changeing for armor and weapons (maybe) and at least more armor added. The phrase "If you can see it, you can go to it" would actully be true, meaning the places you see you really go to. Like for example, the castle like wall you see as you head down to ruins from the shrine in the distance you can actully explore. The flasks would be able to upgrade higherr that a simple +7, weapons and armor can go past theirs too. Fog gates removed to allow fighting everywhere. Invadeing in places where bosses have already been killed by the player and invading in all places, no where is safe...not even the shrine. The summoning lv cap would imcrease. No longer by 10 or 20 lvs below but max of 30.

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    Re: The Wishful Thinking Thread

    Post by Villain1 on Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:01 pm

    Difficulty coming from decent enemy AI rather than just sheer numerical superiority racked up against you, a more coherent backstory not written in fractured english, and removal of the ability to accidentally and absolutely *** up a save beyond recovery due to reasons beyond your control.

    Oh wait, this a From game.

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    Re: The Wishful Thinking Thread

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