So how many of you think..



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    Re: So how many of you think..

    Post by ak1287 on Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:50 pm

    Serious_Much wrote:
    ak1287 wrote:
    Serious_Much wrote:Supervisory role is basically just keeping him on hand in case things go horribly out of control, he's not gonna be shaping the souls game by rejecting everything the directors propose

    So, then you're positing that they're not actually using him in a supervisory role at all?

    I just outlined a supervisor role, only overseeing and stepping in when necessary, not having any significant or large influence on the final outcome of the project

    I agree, to an extent; I think he'll oversee and step in when it looks like the game is moving too far from what he established, but he's not going to be looking at every minute detail. His job should be to oversee the overall tone of the game, and the smoothness of the mechanics; if he's not, it's because someone doesn't understand a supervisor's role, or it's a figurehead position. I don't think either of those are true.

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    Re: So how many of you think..

    Post by BartholomewWenceslas on Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:19 pm

    carlucio wrote:I'm very worried mostly because it's clear that they are investing much more on it, i fear the pressure for sales will end cutting mechanics from the game that we like, but most gamers don't, griefing and unclear paths for example.
    I don't really think taking out griefing would be a particularly bad idea. I love DkS and I've put a ton of time into it, but when I'm low level I don't want to be invaded by someone using a lightning claymore +5 who will kill me in 1 hit through my shield. DkS and DeS were both very fair games in terms of PvE, but griefing is not fair and shouldn't be in any game

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    Re: So how many of you think..

    Post by ErrJon6661 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:06 am

    Raem wrote:I am also afraid that this will be a story-based RPG where you play as a set character. LIke Dragon Age. And then I will lose my faith in videogames. Because Dark Souls is the optimum of a game for me. It the exact opposite of all the crappy COD and Assassins Creed ( I like the first game) ****.

    Just the opposite of mainstream and still better.

    I think even if they make it more story based the level of customization will still be there. I could see it being like dragons dogma and still work. Having a defined laid out storyline, but having a lot of room to explore and customize your character. I know the idea of the story being more focused turns a lot of people off but I wouldnt mind it.


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    Re: So how many of you think..

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