The Hornet Ring boosts Resin Damage


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    The Hornet Ring boosts Resin Damage

    Post by PhlyingDutchman on Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:06 pm

    Hey Everybody,
    There have been two threads about buffs (here and
    here) and the hornet ring lately, so I decided to do some testing. Since my tests started getting a little detail heavy, I figured I'd put it here in the Archives, as I think the results are pretty sound.

    I just did some resin and hornet ring riposte testing, and got some pretty interesting results:

    Test 1: Firelink Shrine hollow, NG+, longsword +0

    No Ring, No Buff: 230
    No Ring, Charcoal Resin: 253
    Hornet Ring, No Buff: 299
    Hornet Ring, Charcoal Resin: 323

    This is pretty much what I expected, based on consensus knowledge.

    1. Hornet Ring multiplies weapon damage by 1.30

    2. Charcoal resin adds an extra 23-24 damage, added after the hornet ring multiplier

    This is what we have been going off of, right? Well check this out:

    Test 2: Forest Sorcerer, NG+, Large Club +15, riposte

    No Ring, No Buff: 210 + 989 = 1199 [shown as 210 -- 989]
    No Ring, Charcoal Resin: 221 + 999 = 1220 [shown as 221 -- 999]
    No Ring, Gold Pine Resin: 243 + 1021 = 1264 [shown as 243 -- 1021]
    Hornet Ring, No Buff: 273 + 273 + 1235 = 1781 [shown as 273 -- 546 -- 1235]
    Hornet Ring, Charcoal Resin: 287 + 287 + 1248 = 1822 [shown as 287 -- 574 -- 1248]
    Hornet Ring, Gold Pine Resin: 316 + 316 + 1277 = 1909 [shown as 316 -- 632 -- 1277]

    So what do we see here?

    1. Yes, the buff gets applied to each attack: Charcoal adds 10-11 damage per attack (consistent with test 3, below), and Gold Pine adds 32-33 without the hornet ring.

    2. The hornet ring gives a higher multiplier than 1.3 on the total damage! The multiplier is 1.485 with no buffs!

    3. The hornet ring boosts the damage of the buffs! Charcoal add 13-14 damage per attack, and Gold Pine adds 42-43, a factor of 1.3 compared to the non-hornet values- and they get applied three times instead of two.

    To see whether or not the resin damage was being divided out across the attacks, I tested normal attacks:

    Test 3: Forest Sorcerer, NG+, Large Club +15 (50 str)

    Standard R1 Attack: 437
    Standard R1 Attack, Charcoal Resin: 447
    Running R1 Attack: 520
    Running R1 Attack, Charcoal Resin: 540

    This is actually interesting, and not just because of the pitiful extra damage that charcoal resin added. I got +10 damage with the resin, but when running, I got +20. I think I've heard that buffs can connect on the part of the animation where large weapons hit the ground, so maybe we're getting two buff damage boosts here?

    As a confirmation test for test 3, I also used a weapon that has a single-hit riposte:

    Test 4: Forest Sorcerer, NG+ Obsidian Greatsword +5

    No Ring, No Buff: 905
    No Ring, Charcoal Resin: 916
    Hornet Ring, No Buff: 175 + 1133 = 1288 [shown as 175 -- 1288]
    Hornet Ring, Charcoal Resin: 188 + 1127 = 1315 [shown as 188 -- 1315]


    1. Resin add 11 damage per hit without the ring, and 13-14 with the ring, consistent with Tests 2 and 3.

    2. Hornet ring boosts total damage without the buff by 1.423, between the results of tests 1 and 3.


    The Hornet Ring behaves very differently against "humans" than it does against other enemies

    1. Against non-human enemies:
    The Hornet Ring boosts physical damage by 1.30 and does not affect resins

    2. Against "human" enemies
    The Hornet ring boosts physical damage by more than 1.30 when including all of the hits.

    A. For normally single-hit ripostes: The first hit is 20% of the normal riposte, and the second hit is ~120%, for a total boost of over 1.4

    B. For normally two-hit ripostes: The first hit is exactly 130% of the normal first hit, the second hit is the same as the first, and the last hit is 120% of the normal last hit, for a total multiplier close to 1.5

    C. When using one of the resins, the damage is applied to each hit in the animation, and boosted by 1.3!

    If you think I'm missing any tests, let me know, but I'm pretty sure that I've at least disproved the hypothesis that the hornet ring does not boost the damage of buffs. Someone else may want to repeat these tests with spells rather than resins, because the character I used has no spell slots. There is still work to be done to elucidate exactly how the hornet ring adds damage, but I hope you find this helpful.


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