Pre DLC n DLC co op Cosplay kiln n back

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    Pre DLC n DLC co op Cosplay kiln n back

    Post by Demon Slayer on Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:03 pm

    Sup guys i just got the DLC n i was thonking about doind a co op cosplay about all DLC NPCs or enemys we can do it a full ciaran or either gough,ciaran,chester u chosse
    Mine is Artorias big grin
    Also i would like to do videos since o don,t how to record i woul apreciatted any Ppl that how to record n make vids!!!
    If anyone is intersted i will be waitind big grin
    Any opinions?
    I,Ll do a chat n a tread
    Peace n Knowledge my fellow friens
    Also we start at friday
    I think dats all

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