Do aliens exist?

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    Re: Do aliens exist?

    Post by Elite Knight on Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:53 am

    BIG TIME MASTER wrote:
    Elite Knight wrote:
    EeAyEss wrote:I'm going to be that religious person, because I am.

    I believe in God, and all that jazz. SO:
    He made this big ***' universe, so why make us the only intelligent life forms out there? It's stupid. I definitely believe that there is alien life out there.

    *As a disclaimer, I mean no harm and do not wish to provoke. I understand that religion is a touchy issue on the internet*

    I'm with you. I hold out hope that God made other beings outside of our understanding, but then again I find it hard to see a point to them. Discovering alien life would be so fantastic, given that I am the science fiction fan that I am. But it's also kind of scary: Think about it. As humans, when we discover some new place, we often destroy what was there to benefit ourselves. When we find a new animal, we often kill it and cut it open to learn about it.

    The existence of aliens would be a great and wonderful discovery. I just fear that they (given their existence) will consider us a scientific find rather than a social/diplomatic one, if that makes sense.

    Just playing devils advocate here, don't take it personal:

    So, humans are the center of the universe? It's only good that other intelligent things exist if they are inferior to us? We are justified in killing for scientific experimentation but something smarter than us isn't?
    If you can't see a point to another life, why would you expect it to respect yours?

    Oh no, please don't misinterpret me. I'm not saying humans are the most important things in existence, and certainly not saying we are justified in the atrocities we commit upon nature. I'm only saying that, given our nature, it wouldn't be unnatural to encounter a species that is more or less as curious as us, curious about us. I hope they are more advanced should they exist, because they will have much to teach us.

    I'm just bringing about the possibility that their arrival could be something out of War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks, Battle Los Angeles, etc... (again, science fiction fan, must make the comparison. Haha.)

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    Re: Do aliens exist?

    Post by Hatsune Miku on Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:28 pm

    If you count the microscopic organisms on Mars. Then, yes. Other wise, no!

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