Covenant update ideas


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    Covenant update ideas

    Post by LunarFog on Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:56 pm

    These are just a few ideas me and some friends have had about some of the less popular covenants in dark souls that would make them WAY more popular.

    Way of White - This covenant is for noobs beginners for defensive purposes(less invasions, more friendly phantoms). Since it's obvious the covenant is trying to help out the player, how about giving the player and extra estus every 5 or 10 minutes? It's not too much, but it could be useful.

    Princess Guard - Give them a ring that automatically summons them to another player's world(and give everyone else a ring that summons princess guard automatically to their world when they get the Lord Vessel). Also maybe cut the faith cost for their miracles.

    Chaos Servant - Make them be able to invade other people's worlds if that person has at least 1 humanity. Also give them a special weapon like the Darkhand that not only steals someone else's humanity, but also infects them with the worm thing. This could be either through the heavy attack like the darkhand, or a build up through weaker attacks.

    While we're at it, make it so they can eventually turn in to a full blown maggot monster like how Dragon Covenant can.

    Gravelord servant - give them a gravelord book that allows them to see and keep track of who they infected, how many red phantoms are in that person's world, and the health of the host, red phantoms, and any friednly phantoms. That way at least they'd be able to watch something while they waited.

    Path of Dragon - Make it so they can invade other people's worlds if they have a dragon scale on them. Simple amirite?

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