Oolacile Caster data (20 INT or below)


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    Oolacile Caster data (20 INT or below)

    Post by Seignar on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:48 pm

    I would like to show people the effect of the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst and the combination of all other buffs and how it allows ANY player to effectively use sorceries (The data was done on pygmies with 44 INT and 16 STR; 280 adjust for TCC):

    *The term "standard" means without buffs (Dusk Crown and BDCR)

    Soul Arrow

    150 (Standard OIC)
    238 (Buffed OIC)
    263 (Standard TCC)
    399 (Buffed TCC)

    Heavy Soul Arrow

    316 (Standard OIC)
    456 (Buffed OIC)
    505 (Standard TCC)
    727 (Buffed TCC)

    Dark Bead

    213 (Standard OIC)
    349 (Buffed OIC)
    316 (Standard TCC)
    496 (Buffed TCC)

    Dark Orb

    377 (Standard OIC)
    578 (Buffed OIC)
    532 (Standard TCC)
    779 (Buffed TCC)

    Great Soul Arrow

    223 (Standard OIC)
    345 (Buffed OIC)
    377 (Standard TCC)
    545 (Buffed TCC)


    387 (Standard OIC)
    559 (Buffed OIC)
    606 (Standard TCC)
    872 (Buffed TCC)


    125 (Standard OIC)
    198 (Buffed OIC)
    340 (Buffed TCC)
    219 (Standard TCC)

    As the data shows, any player with at least 12 INT can actually be the equivalent of a 40 INT sorcerer using Logan's catalyst (or stronger) and if the character is a STR character, they can actually be stronger than a plain TCC; simply because apparently the Oolacile Ivory catalyst applies bonuses to Dark Sorceries as opposed to the TCC.


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    Re: Oolacile Caster data (20 INT or below)

    Post by AzureCrow on Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:11 pm

    Very interesting data great job Seignar!

    This certainly brings a whole new depth to dark orb. It could even be a game changer for mid int buffing str builds. It also raises the possibilities that certain catalysts may have different str scaling. Perhaps the Oolacile ivory, Oolacile, and mantis cats may have individual str scaling just like normal cats do. So much detail From so much detail! Prostration


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    Re: Oolacile Caster data (20 INT or below)

    Post by IV_Mark_VI on Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:52 pm

    Interesting. I'd like to run a test myself on some higher defence opponents (maybe the forest folk). I've always enjoyed going to 15 int for GMW and utility spells though. They come in very handy with a dex build that can capitalize on GMW, but you get similar results with resins.

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    Re: Oolacile Caster data (20 INT or below)

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