What the hell is Pinwheel


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    What the hell is Pinwheel

    Post by AIister on Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:55 pm

    Despite him being a pretty easy boss because people are generally overprepared to fight him, I always found him extremely unsettling. It might just be the family thing, how he has three masks and they all seem to be one entity but have seperate personalities? Not to mention the descriptions for the masks are slightly eerie, in my opinion. So it has left me wondering for a long time, what the hell IS pinwheel? Thoughts?


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    Re: What the hell is Pinwheel

    Post by GrinTwist on Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:06 pm

    I've always thought that he was just another undead warrior that worked for (or possibly against Nito). I think what makes him different from the rest is that, it might be smarter.

    Think about it, it mainly uses spells so that suggests a high level of intelligence. It also seems to experiment on the dead bodies of warriors probably with the Rite of Kindling. I think he was probably working on spells for that the other pinwheels would be able to use later on. The one thing that stands out with pinwheel the most though, is the fact that it can use replications of itself that can still do damage. From what I can remember nothing else in the game can do that.

    As far as the masks go I have some theory that pinwheels originally come from families that have died in areas like New Londo and areas like that. Hence why it has three different types of masks: One of a father, one of a mother, and one of a son. It might explain why there aren't so many ghosts in New Londo ruins, because think about it it's a city if we went into a dead city we would die before we even got to the firekeeper soul.

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    Re: What the hell is Pinwheel

    Post by DE5PA1R on Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:10 pm

    Consider: Nito is "the first of the dead." Possibly singular, but also possibly plural. He certainly looks plural.

    Pinwheel stole the power of the Gravelord. Perhaps whatever happened to the pyromancer now known as Pinwheel was an unintended consequence of it.

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    Re: What the hell is Pinwheel

    Post by CaligoIllioneus on Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:11 pm

    I wrote my thoughts here

    I think that Pinwheel is actually some very powerful entity, either
    someone that used occult power to trascend flesh and blood, or a very
    powerful occult-related spirit. The magic he uses (the ball of light or
    how he can multiply) doesn't fit with anything we have seen (be it soul
    sorceries, oolacile spells, etc). This leads me to think that it is
    actually occult magic. I also don't think we really kill him in-game.
    First, item descriptions call him "the Pinwheel", not "one of the
    Pinwheels" nor any other phrase that could make us think that there's a
    "race" of Pinwheels that he's part of. This raises the question of what
    the hell the Pinwheels we fight in ToG are, since we already "killed"
    the boss.....well, I think that they are avatars of Pinwheel,
    manifestations of the same entity, that didn't truly die. This isn't
    such a wild guess, as we do see him multiply before...

    I'm also
    sure that the Tomb of the Giants is not on Nito's control, but under
    Pinwheel's. The room before Nito's fog door looks like the minor
    Pinwheels are keeping Nito trapped, in fact, the fog door leading to
    Nito is sort of sealed/barricaded. My guess is that Pinwheel, who
    reigned over the Catacombs, advanced to the Tomb of the Giants to steal
    the Gravelord's power, and thus the giant skeletons and skeleton dogs
    are at his command.

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    Re: What the hell is Pinwheel

    Post by Deathsitexxi on Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:29 am

    If you've got a few spare mins I briefly talk about Pinwheel in one of my Analysis Series =)


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    Re: What the hell is Pinwheel

    Post by Djem on Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:30 pm

    The idea that the Pinwheel's before Nito are actually his jailkeepers is awesome. Also, the fact that you need to hide in a coffin to meet with Nito and join his covenant also suggests this. You can't just talk to him freely, it needs to be kept secret.

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    Re: What the hell is Pinwheel

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