Looking for Guardian Tail Whip



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    Looking for Guardian Tail Whip

    Post by brumey on Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:35 am

    hi there

    i am new to the forums. greez from austria!

    i need a GUARDIAN TAIL WHIP! in exchange i can offer any pre-DLC items or any stones, also have eye'S of death, divine blessings, slabs whatever.

    would be cool if there is someone out there.

    PSN is "big_brumey" . SL89

    i can host in:

    burg, TotG, depths, archives, sif-forest, butterfly forest, izalith and londo ruins. or via RSS

    UMBASA. i also have PS+. so i could make a backup and give the whip then back to you! as well as tons of stones and weapins!

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