Need help with my 28 Grim Reaper Pyro (XBL)



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    Need help with my 28 Grim Reaper Pyro (XBL)

    Post by G30RDY on Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:23 pm

    I just got this game the other day, and already having a blast! Made a level 50 bandit and now making a pyro. I need some help on items for my build as listed:

  • Helmet-DONE
  • Chest-DONE
  • Hands-DONE
  • Legs-DONE
  • R-hand1-DONE
  • R-hand2-Upgraded Pyromancy Flame
  • L-hand1-Lightning/+15 Black Bow of Pharis
  • L-hand2-DONE
  • Ring1-DONE
  • Ring2-DONE
  • All 3 Chaos Pyromancy
    I dont have much to trade, but much help would be awesome! I just killed the butterfly.
    If you can help with co-op that would be fun! If you cant give me the items listed, anything better than what i already have? I only have the lighting great sythe and elite knight...

    My GT is: G30RDY - Add me or private chat, no party's please.

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    Re: Need help with my 28 Grim Reaper Pyro (XBL)

    Post by Abiathar82 on Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:12 am

    Hey there , sorry I can not help you as I am on PS3 but.... Contact Lord of Ash , he can help you out. Or just look up "The Invader Traded Store Of Wonders" Its a sticky on this page. Either way he can get you whatever you need.

    Side note: How do I link stuff/post pictures on a forum post. That would have made it a lot easier to find him. As long as I have been on this forum I should know......

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