Good Pyro's for PvP

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    Re: Good Pyro's for PvP

    Post by PlasticandRage on Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:06 am

    Acidic_Cook wrote:Advised to use less powerful pyro flame, not greater.

    I heard this doesn't work anymore since the newest patch came out. I'm yet to test it myself or speak to anyone whose opinion I trust about it, but I did read specifically that it's the same for all levels of pyro flames now.

    I never would have considered using undead rapport in super NG+. That's a great idea. I never use it for anything. It doesn't apply to this particular build quite yet, but I'm totally going to try it with one of my other ones.

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    Re: Good Pyro's for PvP

    Post by Aznul on Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:38 pm

    undead rapport can be good since enemies can be increased rapidly in strength by advancing through NG+'s and you can take advantage of that strength. Also, This could be especially useful if you are purposely keeping your level low.

    Also, it can be deadly since some enemies are gauranteed a successful parry if struck while in a certain stance, which can give you a huge opening in addition to allowing the monster to riposte them.

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    Re: Good Pyro's for PvP

    Post by GkMrBane on Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:29 pm

    Powerwithin is good but its situational.

    best to be used against gankers since they almost never try to out-wait you.

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    Re: Good Pyro's for PvP

    Post by TheMeInTeam on Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:00 am

    If you're a pure pyro you want these for sure:

    Fire tempest: Only in situations vs gankers. I wouldn't run it in the arena, but otherwise this slot is worth it. With Bellowing/Dusk Crown/Power Within you can easily 1-shot a lot of gankers.

    Power Within: With this, pyro spells are seriously dangerous. Obviously consider against using it vs obvious turtles.

    Great Fireball: You need manual aim, but you can hit 1k+ with all the pyro boosts and it stuns.

    Great Combustion: Derp!

    Fire Surge: This spell is pretty innocuous unboosted. With all the boosts it can easily crush someone in almost no time flat. Try to surprise people who go for big hits by timing it just before the swing and having enough poise to take a hit. By the time the larger weapons can get a second swing, you've done 800+ and you might not be the one getting stunned. Shield users don't like this one either.

    Others are up for discretion.

    If you're just throwing one on, go "derp", power within, or fire surge IMO...or maybe tempest if you're forest hunting.

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    Re: Good Pyro's for PvP

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