Is Petrus actually an undead



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    Is Petrus actually an undead

    Post by Hurtlocker14 on Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:24 pm

    I done some exploration this morning on this subject and I think the results are rather interesting. You can basically make any of the Npc in the game go hollow. Big Hat Logan buy all his souls, The onion knight if you do his story line, The guy who teaches you pyromancy just teach him the great fire ball, and the list continues. When you usually fight an Npc they will use an Flask to regain health. I fought Petrus numerous times and he never used a flask. Does anyone else find this odd??

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    Re: Is Petrus actually an undead

    Post by steveswede on Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:00 pm

    It quite possible but why would a human carry humanity. Petrus also has an interest in kindling which the dialogue points out:

    Rite of kindling

    This secret rite allows bonfires to be
    bolstered further with Kindling,
    so that even more Estus can be collected.

    Kindling was a sacred rite passed down among clerics,
    but all Undead can imitate the process in the same manner
    that they restore their Hollowing with humanity.
    How peculiar that humans had found little use for humanity until they turned Undead.

    So we are made aware that humanity sprites are of little use (this is open ended as we don't know if little use means no use) to humans but also summoning is limited to undead which I think applies to invading aswell.

    White Sign Soapstone

    Online play item.
    Leave summon sign.

    Be summoned to another world as a phantom
    through your sign, and defeat the area boss
    to acquire humanity.
    (Hollows cannot conduct summons)

    In Lordran, the flow of time is distorted,
    and the White Sign Soapstone allows
    Undead to assist one another.

    Petrus has some cracked eye orbs hidden in Firelink that he uses (Oswald of Carim confirms this by hinting that Petrus is drenched in sin) so even though no one has seen him flask, item descriptions, holding humanity and his actions point to him being undead
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    Re: Is Petrus actually an undead

    Post by ublug on Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:12 pm

    There's a couple of other key npc's that do not go hollow either.
    I can not remember a single npc who used a flask ever. Reah, Petrus, Solaire and Oswald use heal miracles, don't think I've seen any of the other story npc's heal at all. The only npc who we know is supposedly not undead is Sieglinde, from some Siegmeyer dialogue that was removed.

    I have tried to make Petrus hollow by babysitting Reah in the church, so he do not get a chance to kill her, by never doing two areas in a row without visiting her inbetween. But I usually forget about her somewhere after Anor Londo, so she always ends up dead in the end.

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    Re: Is Petrus actually an undead

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