Best Weapons/ Armor for Demon's Souls as you progress through the game?



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    Best Weapons/ Armor for Demon's Souls as you progress through the game?

    Post by butternut86 on Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:31 pm

    I'm a Dark Souls vet (well kinda.. I beat the game a few times, but I'm still a noob pvp), and I've beaten Demon's Souls last year. When I went back to Demon's Souls earlier this week, I've had a really hard time with it.

    When I played DeS last year, I didn't know the armor/weapons/upgrades to get, and I still don't know the best ones. I beat Demon's Souls without a good knowledge of the weapon. I beat Demon's Souls with the Scimitar and crappy armor. So it was definitely hard to beat my first time through, but I had plenty of grasses.

    For my next playthrough I'd like to know great weapons to use early on in the game and as I progress further. I went to the blacksmith and got a Meat Cleaver. I'm still not strong enough to use it though. I have like 20 strength and I need 26.

    Also what are some good buffs, and where do I get them? In Dark Souls some of the buffs you can buy from merchants, or you can get spells. I don't know anything about the buffs in Demon's.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post. I'm still a noob when it comes to Demon's Souls, but I'd like to give it another go. I'm currently at Maneater in this playthrough.
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    Re: Best Weapons/ Armor for Demon's Souls as you progress through the game?

    Post by Onion Knight on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:34 pm

    Umm well it depends on what your build is. If you've gone for the Meat Cleaver then I'm guessing you want to go the way of Faith. Faith in DeS is much more powerful, faith weapons regenerate health (increasing as you upgrade them.) which you can stack with rings and the Adjudicators shield. For miracles you can get Second chance, which brings you back to half health if you get killed hence no dieing. Remember miracles and spells are much more powerful in DeS due to the mana bar. If you're going faith I would recommend the Moonlight Greatsword (faith weapon in DeS.) It ignores shields and does good damage.

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