Ghost's drops


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    Ghost's drops

    Post by Major_kenny on Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:05 pm

    So everyone by now knows that the regular ghosts (not banshees) drop 2 transient curses and jagged ghost blade. But I was playing yesterday and one of them dropped a Lloyd Talisman. Since I never heard anyone talk about it I decided to share this.

    Does it mean the ghosts had it because they wanted to kill the darkwraiths or maybe Artorias? We know that Artorias had his sword cursed to kill ghosts, but we also know that he had his uncursed sword was blessed and hitted the darkwraiths harder (says in description of the uncursed weapon). So were the ghosts trying to kill them by making them unable to flask? Artorias could kill ghosts but I doubt a darkwraith could. I'm not sure, what are your thoughts?

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