Weapon Upgrades



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    Weapon Upgrades

    Post by xxVirgilColexx on Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:00 pm

    I'm preparing to go into NG+ and am upgrading weapons before doing so. I currently have the following:

    +15 Claymore
    +15 Zweihander
    +15 Laito
    +14 Black Bow of Pharis

    I am thinking of doing the following:

    Flamberge to +10 Fire
    Sunlight Straight Sword to +10 Divine
    Uchigatana to +5 Occult
    Ricards Raiper to +14
    Estoc to +10 Magic

    Any suggestions or changes to the five weapons listed above?

    I will also be upgrading the few boss weapons and other unique weapons/armor that I have to +5.

    Like an idiot I wasted several of the boss souls to level up before I realized that I could make weapons out of them. Should have read the wikis earlier than I did. Oh well just another reason to do NG+. happy


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