Fatius the Knight (build for learning to control your stamina)


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    Fatius the Knight (build for learning to control your stamina)

    Post by PaPaSmVrf on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:26 pm

    Hello forums! This idea came to me yesterday, so not many details to display yet, I will however, give a brief runthrough of this build and will update it frequently to add more information to it, and hopefully some help with the boss fights as well.

    On to the Build!!!

    Fatius the Knight

    (once I make a fun lore for him I will display it here)

    requirements of this build:

    -you must chose the very large body type (my favorite!)
    -you must chose the Knight starting class
    -master key gift is not required, but is very handy
    -you are NOT allowed to increase your stamina, it must always remain at 10
    -no items to enhance stamina or stamina regen (like grass crest shield, green bossom, etc)
    -must always exceed 50% burden (fat roll)


    -you will learn how to manage your stamina very well
    -will help you not using the roll as a crutch (however the shield will become one)
    -have a better apreciation for shield stability


    -you will get frustrated
    -you will rely heavly on a shield


    -vitality is your main stat to pour points in
    -faith is another good stat to focus on, or strength depending on how you want the build to go

    this is a very brief overlook at this build, I will add much more to it tomorrow as I develop it more.

    PS Mod you are free to move this where you see fit.

    edit nov 14 2012: nothing new to add, did some simple farming today, planning on moving from elite knight armor to steel armor.

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