The single most memorable rewarding experience/feeling?


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    Re: The single most memorable rewarding experience/feeling?

    Post by lucanious on Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:12 pm

    i love those 1v3 moments when you win. like on anor londo i invaded and there was a dragon body and head dude with two phantoms and they were all coming for me, i almost rolled off the edge but i just barely backstabbed the host and kicked him off. i was god!!!!

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    Re: The single most memorable rewarding experience/feeling?

    Post by befowler on Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:20 pm

    Beating Sens was great, yeah. That and Bed of Chaos were probably my highest death spots.

    I've gotten so sick of the Darkroot Garden farmers that I switched to a completely naked buildout, with a sack on my head, nothing but a bunch of poison and toxic cloud spells, and only a dark hand for a shield, and pyro glove right hand for cloud casting and the occasional hilarious fire punch. Spend most of the time streaking naked through the trees and dragging out fights for like 15 minutes before they get a sorry 300 souls off me. But my favorite was when I was summoned to invade some typical guy flipping around in Havels w/Grant etc, who was easily 100 levels higher than I was. I managed to get him both poisoned and toxified, and then he was so angry he chased me all the way from the stairs into the woods with all the treants. He kills me, and as I'm dying he does a "point down" -- just as 4 treants come up behind him and absolutely rip him to shreds and kill him right there. I died, but I sure didn't lose

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