two more pendants and the pigmy


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    two more pendants and the pigmy

    Post by nsane32 on Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:11 pm

    well now that well I hoping most people have figured out the original im hoping now we got two more the silver pendant owned by Artorious and the broken pendant held by Manus who is suspected of being the pigmy now as for the silver pendant for what ive gathered it simply use by Artorious to battle the Dark Magics of the Abyss as Manus and the corrupted citizens of Oliacile use Dark Magics and can be block by use the silver pendant the creator of this pendant is unclear at the most it is my belief that it was created by Artorious because it has similar proprieties to his Greatshield but there are many possibility. now as for the broken pendant are the pieces of a pendant that belongs to Manus and as do a regular pendant is believed to hold great sentimental for Manus which means that Manus is most certainly Human. As for Manus him/her self is believed to be the pigmy the first of the humans so Manus could very well be the pigmy as the lord souls the pigmy acquired held great power and that could explain how Manus could reach through time to acquire a piece of his pendant.
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    Re: two more pendants and the pigmy

    Post by Ser Isaac on Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:14 pm

    C'mon dude, did someone take your xbox right now? You are positng topics left and right, its NSANE! bahahaha get it? v_v...

    Anyways Nsane can you be more fluid with your writing? Not to sound like a perfectionist or anything but it is reaaally hard to understand what you are trying to say because you have no commas or periods its all one big rant and I can't help but read it too quickly and still did not understood none of it o-o...

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