Which mob (non-boss) area gives you fits on NG+ and beyond?


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    Re: Which mob (non-boss) area gives you fits on NG+ and beyond?

    Post by Doelker on Tue Nov 06, 2012 11:45 am

    IMO all mobs can be really annoying sometimes. But what about the mob at Oolacile Township? The mages with their op black magic that has ridiculous range or the flurry attack of the bloated heads.

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    Re: Which mob (non-boss) area gives you fits on NG+ and beyond?

    Post by CaligoIllioneus on Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:00 pm

    1) The New Londo ghost building.....when I killed the Four Kings on my SL 20 character, I did it first try, but I died no less than 7 times to those damn ghosts. The ghosts are also annoying as some of them can follow you through the Four Kings fog gate.

    2) The DLC stone guardians as well, they are deceptively fast, and those attacks hurt so much.

    3) the fairly-giant rats in the Depths (the ones by Kirk). I know they aren't that dangerous, but they still tend to get a few hits on me. I don't think anyone else finds these hard, but I have died there several times....and I don't think I ever died to the wheel skeletons, for example. Weird.

    4)The crystal hollow archers in Duke's Archives, with their unusually high damage, good aiming, and their ridiculous aggro range. And good luck once they get buffed by the channeler....

    5) The giant skeletons in Tomb of the Giants, if you do the zone at a low level (to get WoG or for a challenge, for example) that kick is so annoying.....
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    Re: Which mob (non-boss) area gives you fits on NG+ and beyond?

    Post by Back Lot Basher on Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:56 pm

    Awesome examples of everyone's hated mobs. I've had issues with just about all of them, even though the ghosts are my most hated. Bonewheel bastards can be nasty if you're a low-strength mage or dex character for sure. Those are probably my second most hated.

    The stone guardians are definitely tricky. Not only are they fast, but they're designed to take away any opportunities for counterattack after they bury that hammer, since it has an AOE when they pull it out. I had no idea what hit me the first time it happened.

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    Re: Which mob (non-boss) area gives you fits on NG+ and beyond?

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